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How-to's of creating a customized home practice (for teachers)

How to create a workshop using the model of "how to create your own home practice." You will be given a template through which you can create a workshop.  

This is a building block for our trainees that will launch one of our four Modulars that make up our 300 Hour Advanced Training Program.

The Workshop for all Yoga Teachers on: “Steps To Create a Yoga Workshop”

Overview of Creating a Workshop

Advancing our teaching skills, in order for us to successfully lead our practitioners of yoga through the next level of learning commitment in a workshop setting.  We will need to deepen our own awareness of what we experience as stepping stones on our own journey with yoga.

This might include what we would consider “aha” moments of achievement, in either or both, the theoretical and technical aspects of the practice.

For those going for our 300 Hour Training:

As we contemplate the increased number of accredited hours we will be investing our time and resources in, we must consider the most effective instructional system(s) that allows us to not fall into the very common potholes found in the mainstream yoga world. 

Excellent teaching practices are Essencia Yoga’s  foundation and increasing the rigor of our personal practice and discipline, will create a growth standard that will be sustained and supported through the unifying of heart and mind, on a mission. Learn more about our teacher training by clicking below

  • Has there been models we have been mentored by that are followed up by a system which supports the growth or vice versa?  
  • What has been effective in our learning? Was it in our teaching that we experience a heightened sense of growth in our own overall practice and living out our yoga?  

When our practice is part of our profession there are continued education hours, required,  like any other professional development that involves instructional feedback resulting in continuous collaboration. 

Knowing that the key to growth is practice we will use this as our foundational workshop and learn what a Home Practice of Yoga Entails.

  • What is meant by “home practice?”
  • Who needs to have this?  
  • What questions do we need to ask?
  • Why we especially need this as teachers?
  • Etc.  

Pre-Registration Required by September 5th, 2016

Graduates of Essencia Yoga's 200 or 300 hour program are eligible to receive 45% off. Shoot us an email at and we will set it up for you.