What is Essencia Yoga

Vision for the Studio

Our vision is to offer a space for healing and wholeness through the practice of yoga.  Creating a time and place of intention where individuals are invited to deeply connect to their essence; mind, body and soul.  

The goal is to offer this as a daily, weekly, or monthly practice that creates expansive potential and is accessible to all. We desire to meet each practitioner where they are, enabling them to reap the benefits and experience a deepened sense of awareness of themselves.  

In that sacred place, we let go of judgement and are able to see things as they are. These moments of truth allow us to awaken to ways we might not be living our ultimate life and purpose.

We have an inclusive philosophy that seeks to include all walks of life in celebration of the uniting breath of life, we all share!  We have experienced bountiful learning through the diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives represented at the studio.

Everyone is welcome to any and all of our classes!  Though the class may be geared toward a particular level of experience, there is always something new to be learned within our own appropriate expression.  

Whether you are in a wheelchair or walk on your fingertips, we ask that together, and as individuals we honor the space as an opportunity to breathe.  

Our classes reflect the personalities, special interests, unique skills and background of each teacher.  We share in our commitment and passion for the practice and tradition of yoga to bring about health and wholeness.

We offer a diverse set of styles in order to offer something that suits your given needs.  Please feel free to contact us with suggestions or comments on how we might better serve you.

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the Practitioner’s responsibility

We simply ask that you be aware of how to best honor yourself and what you need, as well as the intention of the space being held for that particular class.  

Ultimately, we are each responsible to show up to the mat and breathe into all parts of who we are.  Each person who joins in adds to the bountiful collaborative celebration.

This will obviously look differently for each of us as we are all in varying phases of our life-journey and have each been entrusted with unique gifts and challenges; physically, mentally, spiritually, and beyond.

We seek to celebrate the breath, and allow for all variations of a given expression to be practiced in our room.  

When we hold this as our intention, we open up the potential of experiencing the sheer delight of being alive.  


For those with a passion to learn

We invite those who would like to deepen beyond what the 90 minute yoga class offers, to a Training modular/series/course that exercises your mind, body and spirit and has the potential of bringing about greater clarity and direction in life. By giving yourself the gift of space and time, you will deepen the essential connections to eliminate any excess and hold true to your priorities.  By learning to live in the moment, we cultivate gratitude, which enables us to relate to the world and people in it from a more connected place.

Each training session will cover areas that will open you up to a broader view of yoga. In this process you will learn the skills for teaching teachers and facilitating others to develop their own practice of this discipline and lifestyle.

We see the journey toward becoming a teacher a process much like this.

Seeking to bring about vital wellness in all areas of life, our personalized program guides future teachers and/or yoga enthusiasts to a better understanding of not only the physiology and physical practice of yoga, but the mental & spiritual elements of yoga as well. History and philosophy of yoga will be discussed through readings, discussions and creative projects.

Core Values

It is grounding to review the original writings of Yoga and see that when we practice the “Yamas” (Observances in relationship with others) and the “Niyamas” (Observances in relationship with ourselves) we are better equipped to receive and offer the benefits found in Asana, the practice of postures.  


1. Ahimsa | living with compassion for all living things

2. Satya | committing to be truthful

3. Asteya | not stealing:

4. Brahmacharya | self- control

5. Aparigraha | neutralizing the desire to acquire/hoard wealth


1. Sauca | Purity & Cleanliness.  

2. Santosa | Contentment

3. Tapas | Disciplined use of our Energy

4. Svadhyaya | Self study

5. Isvarapranidhana I Celebration of the Spiritual