Yoga at your Workplace / Bring your Workers to our Space and reap the benefits together.  

We work with individuals, families and groupings of your choice to provide you with the style of yoga you are looking for. We have taught in boardrooms, lunchrooms, classrooms, gymnasiums, outdoors and more. Whether you are a family or a group of coworkers, the space you share in practice can enhance relationships, improve productivity, concentration and mood.  When practiced regularly, the upgrade in overall health will become evident, particularly in providing stress relief.

Classes generally begin with meditative breathing, followed by a progressive yoga workout and conclude with restorative relaxation. All classes welcome participants with varying levels of physical fitness. Rates vary depending on the number of participants and the expertise and accreditation of teacher.


  • Lowers stress

  • Increases sense of concentrates

  • Calms the mind

  • Lowers risk of many diseases

  • Increases sense of community