Embodiment of a Teacher & The Skills of Manifestation

This Workshop will provide the resources and time to learn the theory and involve practicing effective ways of inspiring your students in a creative and knowledgeable way.  How to create and offer a safe and nurturing atmosphere that invites practitioners into a transformational practice of yoga.  It will reflect on all methods of teaching including: principles of observation, demonstration, assisting, correcting, instruction, teaching styles, and core qualities of successful teacher,

Providing assists that not only inform but transform is a skill built via practice, repetition, and feedback. This will focus on fundamentals, new approaches to old assists, and practice via repetition and time. To invite a student to transform within a pose or within their life is a gift and a responsibility. To speak to students and to stand as a leader requires preparation, introspection, and the courage to speak from experience. Discussion and application of theme creation, delivery, and energetic leadership will be the direction of this day of training.