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12 Week Course: Thrive

Ready to Thrive?

A Twelve Week Program with all the bells and whistles to supplement your journey towards thriving.

This 12-week course combines group work and self-study and is appropriate for anyone who is ready to evolve their daily habits and step into the next version of their personal thrive. For participants who are registered through Yoga Alliance, this course is eligible for 30 CE credits.

Meets weekly in the Fall on Monday’s @ Noon

September 9th - November 25th

Cost: $850 This includes Course Materials: Text, Workbooks, and access to Videos and other Online Resources.

Our amazing human bodies are refined machines, the result of thousands of years of evolution. We evolved to live in sync with the rhythms of our environment - the sun, the moon, the seasons - and the ancient yogis studied and incorporated these rhythms into daily life with Ayurveda, the "science of life". Over the last century, our culture as a whole has gotten out of sync with nature. We find ourselves over scheduled, over stimulated, and under nourished. We've become disconnected from our bodies and our environment, and the consequences are catching up with us. Chronic fatigue, allergies, autoimmune disorders, and countless other diseases of body malfunction are on the rise. So how do we find our rhythm again?

THRIVE distills the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda into simple daily habits for life today to reconnect your body and mind to the rhythms of nature. We'll dive deep into the Ayurvedic philosophy behind the Doshas ("constitutions") and learn to recognize these qualities in ourselves, when they are out of balance, and the self-care practices to restore balance. With the help of modern behavioral science and a dynamic group setting, you will learn how to build the habits into your daily routine to support your long term growth. 

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