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Fragrance + Narrative + Breath-Work

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This elegant collaboration of THREE: gathered to explore the power of uniting in one effort for the common good of all.

Each of the three, bringing their area of expertise to the table, for a One-of-a-kind venture. It is an experiment in taking proven methods of connecting to our highest level of consciousness, and through listening, expressing, being present with heartfelt words;  written, spoken, tasted and smelled, we hope to birth forth a fresh, rare, luxurious experience.

Highlights of the Session:

2:00pm: Breath-Work Meditation

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Warm Welcome, Introductions where you will be lead through a lovely contemplative breathing practice that will open up your heart to listen deeply. 

We will awaken to the moment while connecting to our senses and experience the child within us.

The experiences of life have brought you to this particular place, at this particular juncture in time.


2:15 Grand Tour of the Fragrances


 Bambi will inspire us with sharing how she will walk us through the curation of our own personal perfume.  She will offer up a bouquet of fragrances and invite you to observe, even reflect on what occurs within you.

BAMBI will speak briefly about how perfume is curated first with inspiration...words supporting what inspires you, what feelings you are trying to convey, how you’d like to feel.


3:00  Personal Narrative Journey

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Record what has been stirred up and gathered from our time of meditation, open channels of breath, combined with mindfully blended aromas.

Tania will prompt us to witness these reflections in the light of one another’s presence.

We will witness a collective rising of intention that will inspire us as we move toward manifesting our personal expression at it’s essence, in the form of a perfume.


3:30 Personalized Curation Process

yoga and personal narrative

Each one of us will take our personal seed, in the form of a word, phrase or mantra, and reveal it’s “companion aroma” as our own custom-made perfume.

This divine process of discovery will unfold as we gather around and solidify our intention through a closing meditation.

speaking forth our written word  and experiencing the inspired aromas.

This unifying moment, catalyzes growth within each person, as it collectively empowers us to break new ground as individuals in our life purpose and as a whole, toward the greater common good of our Chicagoland Home.


4:45 Closing Thoughts & Refreshments

These culminating moments of connection will be experienced together as we celebrate the gift of life through the union of the following three components: breath, fragrance, and personal narrative. 

You will be taking with you a “theme,” sealed with your personalized reminder of the higher purpose of your life: a sample of your fragrance: to see your intention through.

4:55pm Closing Meditation & Blessing

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