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Fragrance + Narrative + Breath-work

yoga and personal narrative


BAMBI will speak briefly about how perfume is curated first with inspiration...words supporting what inspires you, what feelings you are trying to convey, how you’d like to feel.

Tanya will further discuss and lead participants to their narrative.

Perfume Curating process.

After, the fragrance can be used to enhance the pranayama practice experience while breathing in the fragrance that will connect them to the words and inspiration they discovered with Tanya. 

Connecting: A Fragranced Narrative Experience

This elegant collaboration explores the power of expression: words written, spoken, tasted and smelled. (One of my favorite quotes is “taste your words before you spit them out”)

awaken the senses with yoga

Perfumer, Bambi Montgomery will gracefully guide you through the divine process of discovery; the blending of notes creating something just for you around the words and narrative you are connecting with.  This curated fragrance will be enjoyed and used during your yoga practice to further connect you to your personal narrative as you explore and realize the power of your words. You will leave completely enthralled by the experience and a with travel size of your curated fragrance to continue this practice of connecting fragrance to your narrative. *Please remember to arrived un-fragranced.

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