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Hearts Wide Open

Let go of fear and embrace love as you tap into the powerful energy of your heart chakra.

The heart chakra is the center of love, the balance point between body and spirit, and the seat of your True Self. Its sanskrit name anahata means "unhurt", meaning that beneath any layers of past pain or heartache, you are innately a whole and compassionate being. In this workshop, you will peel back the layers to allow your bright loving Self to shine through.

Jill will lead you through a guided meditation and passionate asana practice filled with energizing backbends as well as introspective forward folds, opening your heart to more readily give and receive love. You will learn the "symptoms" of an over- or under-active heart chakra and how to balance your energy with pranayama.

This workshop is open to all levels - all you need is your authentic and beautiful heart.

Drop-in: $35

Early-Bird Registration: $25

Earlier Event: February 2
Later Event: February 16