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Third Saturday Social - April - The Ayurvedic Clock with Jill

  • essencia yoga 1026 College Ave Wheaton, IL USA (map)

We are grateful for every time we gather and enrich one another's lives in so many ways.  

Please join in for this special evening of growing as individuals and as a community.  

Bring a favorite dish, if you would like, or come as you are.  We cant wait to share in this time together.  

TOPIC: The Ayurvedic Clock

According to Ayurveda, one of the primary causes of disease is living out of sync with the rhythms of nature. Like when a concert audience can't seem to clap in time with the band - everything is just... off. But when we find the back beat and sync up? Musical magic.

The same thing happens with our bodies and nature. Living "off beat" cultivates disease in the body, noise in the mind, emotional buildup, and that "blah" feeling in the spirit. When we live in time with daily and seasonal rhythms though, we lean into the support of the universe and experience more vitality, ease, and energy.

In this 3rd Saturday Social, Jill will help us discover where we are in and out of sync with nature. She'll share practical daily (dinacharya) and seasonal (ritucharya) habits you can start doing right away to bring your body and mind into rhythm, so you can begin to experience more internal musical magic.

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