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Balancing with Counter-Balance

  • Essencia Yoga Wellness Center 1026 College Avenue Wheaton, IL, 60187 United States (map)

Focus on the basic to challenging balancing poses in yoga.  Building the confidence to feel into a supported side plank or an unsupported side crow, will require warming the body and opening the mind and heart to be willing to see the world from many different angles.  

We will root and rise, go sideways, invert, balance laterally, and use a wall when needed. So be ready to be challenged but not intimidated. Everybody can do this on their own personalized level and find benefits right where they need to be.

Balancing postures of all kinds include more on counterbalancing, and being willing to shift cautiously out of that mountain alignment without overcompensating too much to throw it all off.  We will practice shifting our weight, engaging other muscle groups (like your core), and counter-balancing so the arms can hold the least amount of weight possible. Some call it the art of weightlessness. This will be an open forum for trying new things, reviewing old ones, and refining arm balance poses that remain a challenge for you.

All are welcome as everyone can approach this at their own pace and comfort.