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Sequences and Sequencing

Hatha Yoga Sequencing

This Workshop will cover the fundamentals of sequencing a balanced class. There will be discussion on the basic forms and function of a Hatha Yoga Class.  Several examples will be given for the trainees to experienced. Various formats that are popular today will be sampled, including engaging in the cultural expectations of that style of class. Most importantly concrete examples of constructing a class will be explored together and applied. The basic principles of  safely empowering the trainees to teach with awareness of their bodies and those of their practitioners. Modifications and contraindications will be addressed along with engaging everyone in an “all-level” class. Content will speak to the mechanics and building blocks for sequencing.

Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing

Building upon the fundamentals discussed in the Hatha Yoga workshop, you will focus their attention and learning to the mechanics and building blocks for flow and transitional phases of the vinyasa class. Time will be given for understanding the mechanics and principles of specific movements as well following sequencing templates.  Practice time will be given to promote clear guidance through techniques that keep the class moving in rhythm with their breath and with each other. Differentiating the focus of this style of class and using all that is entailed in supportively building the energy while instilling balance throughout.

Earlier Event: November 12
Specialty Class
Later Event: November 13
Thai Massage with Lisa Trunkenbolz