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Chakra Balancing Series Continued

With excellent reviews on the first set of Chakra Workshops, we sought out to intentionally remove any blocks that might be constrictive to experiencing the fullness of life and all that it has to offer.  Making us increasingly aware of ways our body, mind and spirit works to handle all life, helps us to better know how to care for ourselves.   

These were the first three, which we can put you up to date with.

  • Get Grounded, Balanced and Centered
  • Release fear & doubt, embrace the power of LOVE.
  • Experience limitless potential:  Be Inspired and Uplifted!

And upcoming are:

  • Courage to love unconditionally!
  • Connecting with our voice and speaking forth truth
  • Opening to guidance and submitting to wisdom
  • Increasing the faith - space for Divine Intervention


Increase your awareness and understanding of a few simple shifts that can occur with a few critical mindful adjustments that can open up the possibilities of more fully experiencing the blessings all around us!    

Victoria Schneider, Certified Natural Health Professional and Certified Aromatherapist, who will bring her insights into this series, shares the following thoughts of why this Workshop Series is essential for us in this season. 

As the tides change, the seasons change, situations change; we are forever changing, causing imbalances that are awaiting us. There is a call to change, grow and heal within; mind, body and spirit. No coincidences; all for a reason. The more we stay in tune to ourselves, we are able to stay in harmony with the changes we may encounter.

Getting back to basics, taking charge of our own lives and being consistent is key:

  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Breathe
  • Exercise
  • Nutrients (food, herbs, vitamins/minerals, supplements)
  • Water (pure)
  • Emotional Healing (Essential Oils, Flower Essences and All of the Above).
Earlier Event: April 17
Gong Bath
Later Event: May 4
Gong Bath