Class Series

Class Series are beneficial to all who are looking to make traction on an intention and find continuity in a theme.  We are mindful that finding a class that serves you on a regular basis off of the "drop-in class menu" can be challenging.  To ensure that you are able to have one of your practices/week be about growing in a particular area, the drop-in classes will be opportunities to integrate the newly absorbed material.  

These class series invites you to commit... to yourself, to a teacher and to a practice. It is true to the tradition of yoga, where knowledge is given from teacher to student over time. It allows us as teachers to develop programs that are designed to build each week over the course of the session. 

  • develop a strong student-teacher and community relationship

  • witness growth in your own practice, as well as other's

  • build strong foundations for a personal practice

  • move toward an intention, one that you will be supported

alignment postures

Techniques of Yoga Postures

This Intensive Class Series will provide the resources and time to learn the theory behind the alignment of all of the base yoga postures, divided into 3 basic categories to be explored on the following 3 dates: Tuesdays in December 12:30-2:30 pm. 12/4, 12/11, 12/18

1. Standing

2. Seated and Kneeling

3. Arm Balances, Inversions, Prone and Supine Postures.

All of which are practiced with the balance of effort and ease. Focus will be given to the effective ways of engaging in the most beneficial variation/modification of the pose.

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Note: Our series require a minimum of five registered participants, by seven days before the start date; if you are considering joining please register early.

Previously Requested Series

 Yoga of Devotion and Worship of God

worship yoga

Through its intentional deep engagement with breath, heart, and body, yoga provides a uniquely effective pathway for connecting with the Divine. Incorporating Bible readings, prayer, & liturgy, we will use yoga as a devotional tool to seek out and soak in God’s healing presence within our own lives. This class is taught at a gentle, flowing pace to create & preserve internal stillness--ideal for newer students to become comfortable with the essentials of yoga, while allowing more experienced yogis to deepen the spiritual aspects of their practice.

Classes Series can be purchased online, on the phone or in person, but must be done at least one week ahead of the Starting Date of the Class Series.

  • A Class Series will vary one from another (%10 discount)


Empowering practice for Tweens & Teens Girls

In this class designed especially for girls ages 12-18, we will explore multiple ways to manage stress, deepen spiritual connection, cultivate body awareness, & uncover strength. We will incorporate discussion times, inspiring music, & intentional lightheartedness as we grow this opening, nurturing space for young women.