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It is a joy to be sharing up to 12 years of being on a mission, to facilitate wellness through the practice of yoga.

In 2011, it became a passion to share the joy of teaching and make yoga teacher training accessible through tailor-made schedules that also complied with Yoga Alliance Standards.

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our brief history

We customize our training to meet the needs of the students. In so doing, we train them to meet their future practitioners where they are at. It is our mission to birth forth teachers, grounded and empowered to follow their heart and pour forth with their authentic voice, honoring the great tradition, science and art of yoga.

For some of you who are more recently joining forces with us, because, "together we are better" you may not know that during the first year in our 1026 College Ave Home (2013) we looked at what it would take to be a “donation based studio."  

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"The gift of yoga should be available to all." was often heard out of Jeannine's mouth. This was a natural outpouring of her heart and mind, as she was raised as a Pastor's Kid in San Salvador, and continued throughout her teen and adult years to work in non-profit work that sought to serve vulnerable populations, in times of duress.

She worked cross-culturally, within Chicago land area at the Olive Branch Mission Homeless and Drug Rehabilitation Center, then spread her wings to live in Asia, spending significant time in Seoul and Kathmandu, Nepal. Her early work as a teen and young adult in Morocco, and Spain left a strong impact on her that would mark her as a sojourner of the world, privileged to have been influenced by each and every culture she experienced.

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This lead Jeannine to seek ways of connecting with the enrichment of various perspectives and backgrounds. The breath of life was the thread that linked all despite the differences of ethnicity, religion, age, etc. Universally celebrated, breath and movement would become the means through which she would undergo being a bridge that would serve to offer healing.

Yoga was shared with Jeannine, through a dear friend in the shape of a VHS tape to be practiced in her very own living room. Timid to try it, as her only exposure to yoga had been the unforgettable scene, on the sidewalk in Nepal, of an emaciated man sitting with his legs behind him and holding a serpent, while his eyes rolled back and persisted in his chanting. The VHS was a most restful, ocean side practice of meditative movements, reminiscent to what she had done behind closed doors, on her to connect with God.