Weekly Yoga Class Descriptions

Align with Morning Hatha

This class is an opportunity to start your day with a purposeful mind-body connection. With an emphasis on alignment, you will experience a mix of movement and sustained holds to progress through layers of tightness and bring life to muscle groups commonly overlooked in our everyday lives.  The use of props is commonplace and descriptive cuing brings attention to the subtleties of seeing a known posture in a new light.  Foundational and supporting layers can be laid here for those looking to expand their personal practices.

Community Karma Yoga

This is a donation based yoga class open to the entire community! This is typically a Level 1 class led by various teachers at Essencia all with their own personal style and touches. This is a great way to come to your practice, meet other practitioners, sample all our lovely teachers and give back to the community all at the same time. There is no fixed cost for this class. If you are able to donate, great! Donations are excepted on behalf of various charities in our area.

Fundamentals of Yoga

Practicing the foundational postures with awareness and alignment will enable the practitioner to try to safely build more complex poses. This class prepares you to deepen the physical and mental work by moving at a slower pace.  Spending additional time will invite  us to mindfully set up the posture, breathe into it and and truly learn to feel what each asana has to offer.  

Even though this class moves slower, it is challenging! Each pose is held for longer periods of time allowing the teacher ample amounts of time for one on one and hand on assists.  Emphasis is also placed on breath awareness and focusing of the mind. This class is great for beginners looking to learn the basic poses as well as seasoned yogis looking to enhance their practice.  

Good Morning Flow

Wake up to this gentle morning flow class! This class is targeted to help send breathe into all those places that may need a little extra space after laying still all night. Get your blood pumping as we together work through any stiffness, cramping and tightness that you may be holding onto. We will begin each class by setting a positive intention that will get you on your way to happy, healthy, productive day! This class is great for all levels. 

Hatha All Level

With Pranayama and Meditation, we'll warm up from the inside out, creating "tapas," the inner core heat that brings about transformation on the entire being. We'll hold postures, build stamina and focus on executing challenging poses with the personalized modification for you. Concluding practice with deep stretches that will restore and awaken, allowing for deep release and a greater range of movement in your body.

This class is for those with an open mind, who are deeply committed to their own growth and awakening. It is primarily geared toward experienced practitioners, many of which have been teaching or becoming teachers.

Hatha Level 1-2

Hatha Yoga is the most widely practiced form of yoga in the world. Hatha Yoga uses postures (asana) and stretches in combination with the breath to develop flexibility and relaxation. Hatha Yoga encourages proper alignment of the body and is excellent for increasing flexibility, developing strength, improving body awareness, building concentration and calming the mind.

Everyone is welcome to these classes, including those who haven't yet practiced yoga.

Hatha Level 2-3

This is an advanced class for those looking to truly take their practice to the next level. We will look at advanced poses and the best way to safely approach them focusing on anatomy and alignment. This is not a flow class though there may be some flow to warm up. This class is open to all but intended for those with prior experience. Advance poses can include (but are not limited to!) various arm balances and inversions.

Hatha for Relaxation

This slow paced Hatha practice is designed to relax and help you unwind from your busy day. The class consists of flowing, non-strenuous yoga movements designed to gently stretch the skeletal muscles to their edge while deeply relaxing the nervous system while deeply connecting with your breathe.  Class setting is supported by calming music and candlelight. This class is great for all levels including beginners and those recovering from illness/injury.

Unwind from your day with this slower paced flow class designed to shift energy to help you find a little relaxation in your mind and body.  We will move through a sequence of asanas (postures) that are linked one to another in a flow, supported by the breath.  Everyone is welcome.

Hatha Flow

A combination of sustained Hatha poses, balanced with flowing in a mindful progression from one to another. Attention is given to basic alignment & therapeutic principles. Mindfulness in observing breath and body are an integral part of class. Classes are physically energizing,  while establishing a deepened calm, to meet all levels of need.


Kundalini Yoga derives its name through a focus on awakening energy from deep withinthrough regular practice of yoga asana, meditationpranayama, and chanting. Called by practitioners "the yoga of awareness," it aims to cultivate the creative human potential of an individual to uphold values, speak truth, and focus on the compassion and consciousness needed to serve others.

Meditation for Beginners

This class is designed to give you the tools to establish a simple, yet fruitful meditation practice that can deepen over time. Each hour-long class will include two 20-minute meditations as well a discussion of the techniques and the theory. This calming class is the perfect opportunity for anyone who is looking to try meditation for the first time, or for those who are looking to grow in their practice.

Restorative Yoga

Waking in the morning to a really good stretch before getting out of bed after a good nights sleep. Time spent losing track of the world during a massage. That describes how you feel after a class of Restorative Yoga. Calmed from the physical and mental running around in the day. Soothed from the tension and drive of doing. Supported easily and more effortlessly. When our bodies’ sleep we are in postures, supported by our bed, pillows and blankets, for hours. Breath is more rhythmic, heart rate slower. Our mind, body and spirit move to a place of healing, a path to wholeness.

When we participate in restorative yoga we bring the benefits of healing sleep to our waking day, intentionally. Using props, such as pillows, bolsters, blankets, mats, blocks, floor, chairs, walls, we are gently guided into postures that are fully supported, relinquishing the need to carry ourselves by simply being for the hour. Restoration begins when we let go of the need to endure and allow ourselves to receive. Enhance your current yoga practice, begin the journey of yoga, or just rest for a time when you join us at Essencia Yoga. Dress comfortably, and bring along your favorite blanket, pillow, and socks if you would like. Prerequisite for this class includes: heartbeat, breath, and the willingness to let go.

G.I./Veteran Yoga

Yoga is a powerful agent of change, and not simply a form of exercise. Within a safe community of fellow veterans and their family members, you will learn practices to release stress, sleep better, ease aches and pains, lower blood pressure, increase strength, flexibility, balance and focus, and develop tools to help manage the symptoms of PTSD and TBI. This is your chance to discover the benefits of yoga: vigor and vitality, balance, peace, and a sense of well-being. No prior experience is needed. If you are able to breathe, you are able to practice yoga. Mats, blocks and blankets provided. Just show up!

Moving Meditation

All level class incorporating the union of organic movement,  mind and breath, all seeking the original purpose of yoga. This 75 minute class will allow variety and independence in this journey and is intended for all practitioners.    

Private Therapeutic Yoga

All yoga is healing in some way. Therapeutic yoga uses a holistic approach to consider a person’s individual condition.

This class will allow you to work within your capacity and be adapted to the needs of those who attend.  The poses will have modifications and use of props, and breathwork to guide the mind toward peace, clarity and focus. Give yourself this time to focus on healing your body, mind and spirit.

Hot Med

Although our internal heat and energy is built from within, having external heat can enhance our experience.   In this class, our room temperature will be slightly elevated above our normal classes to allow for warming of our body and mind.   Just like a strap, blanket or block, the external temperature can serve as a prop to assist our learning and see new things.  Allow for a strong flow experience followed by an extended final shavasana/meditation.

Vinyasa All Levels

These classes will give you the option of taking existing postures to your new edge. Remembering, this is your practice. The teacher will guide you through variations. So you enjoy advancing the postures and reaping the benefits.

A sequence of asanas (postures) that are linked one to another in a flow, supported by the breath. Each class strategically planned to awaken the senses and is adapted to the needs of the students present, offering modifications and variations to challenge and encourage students in a safe supportive atmosphere. Everyone is welcome.

Vinyasa Level 2-3

This fun, exciting and dynamic flow class is great for those who are looking to take their practice to the next level! This class offers advanced sequencing, challenging transitions and a variety of inversions and arm balances with the focus on proper alignment intended to keep the students safe.  This class moves at a moderate pace complemented by fun, modern music. At the end of this class you will have increased your work ethic on the mat. This class is for those intermediate to advanced students with some Vinyasa experience. 

Yoga for "Less Flexible Bodies"

This class is designed for people who are looking for a gentle practice that focuses on increasing joint mobility, overall flexibility, and building body awareness. Using a variety of props and modifications to make postures more accessible, we will gently move and stretch the body while exploring the breath and quieting the mind. Perfect for beginners or those with special health concerns.

Yoga for Teens

This is an opportunity to get out of the head and onto the mat.  Letting go of the nagging thoughts that circle around and explore the possibilities available.

Experience positive language that encourages a health in both mind and body.  The regular practice of yoga, disciplines the whole self, empowering individuals to overcome obstacles like fear, self-doubt and much more.  

Yoga is inclusive of all who are ready to grow and practices gratitude and kindness, to self and others.  There is no need to worry about having a flexible body to get started.   However,  with consistency, balance, strength and flexibility will increase, which helps reduce angst and even reduces the potential of injury. 

Yoga has no dogma and is accepting of all walks. All that is need is an open attitude and readiness to learn something new.  The class will bring about greater understanding and acceptance of the body through the practice of different postures.  These will be tools that can be practiced for life and the earlier that mind-body connection awareness takes place, the better equipped one can be. .

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga- The term “health” is an Old English word meaning “wholeness.”   In order to achieve our absolute wholeness we must be sure to implement balance in all facets of our lives, of course, including yoga.  Many of our regular practices (Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikram, etc.) foster growth and development of our “yang” without creating opportunities for “yin” progress.  Each Yin-Yang yoga class will strive to work our yin physical body (i.e., connective tissues in bones, joints & ligaments), cultivate an awareness and development of our yin mentality, and perhaps most importantly clear energy (chi) blockages through traditional yin asanas which are typically held for several minutes.  The asanas characteristically target the lower part of the body such as pelvis, hips, inner thighs & low spine and will be strategically transitioned through yang movements in order to fully align the body and prepare for a proper softening and meditation.  This class is open for seasoned yogis as well as anyone ready to see why “yin is in!”

Private Therapeutic Session

Private yoga sessions are tailored to your needs. Maybe you are looking to advance your poses or maybe you want to concentrate on aspects of meditation. Before signing up on our schedule for a private yoga session, please fill out our form below.


Specialized Classes 

Ashtanga Primary Series

The Ashtanga Primary Series is a classical practice involving a set sequence of interesting postures in a vigorous, stimulating yoga flow.  Traditionally known as "Yoga Chikitsa," often translated as yoga therapy, this class will engage you in deep breathing, intense focus, and a cleansing sweat.  A challenging experience that will strengthen you, increase your flexibility and endurance, and take you to a new level of wellness in mind, body, and spirit.  Modifications and advancements are available for all levels.  

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting in a chair or standing using a chair for support. Find your center, ground your mind and body. Everyone can benefit from using the breath and moving the body. Yoga meets you where you are. Decrease stress and increase your range of motion. Start on the path to wellness, everyone is welcome. 

Specialty Class

It is an accessible way to expose all level practitioners the variations of experiences available with yoga.

Each class is tailored to specific areas of interest and go into a little more detailed teaching or experience than a regular class would.  It explores spinal flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation.  We will integrate mudras and meditation with the postures, to further observe the immediate effects available when integrating all of the tools.  If given the space and time, the depth of the impact resulting from repeated practice of postures will be assessed.

This holistic experience will enable you to dig a little further into your own engagement with the practice.

Awaken to Thrive by Connecting to your Essential Foundation

Each of these classes will contain at least one climax posture, along with their counter pose that will solidify the structure of the 2 hours. You will appreciate the varied rhythms used in the sequence, along with the complimenting shapes of the body that help prepare you for the key moment where it will all get put to the test.

You will be assured to have the final 30 minutes in a restorative pose, revitalizing you for the day.  You won’t want to miss these adventures - without even having to travel far!