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April Artist Meet & Greet Featuring Jamie Koplin

Jamie Koplin has lived her whole life in the Chicago area, and has always been drawn to fine arts and crafting things with her own two hands.  Her art is much inspired by nature, travel, different cultures, science, math, and stories.


“I’ve always loved drawing, painting, and photography. I’ve always wanted to master watercolors, and failed each time I tried over the past decade. Nothing I painted before this year ever made it to the refrigerator door. Everything was tossed immediately after “finishing” (usually with other garbage placed on top of it to prevent anyone from even getting a glimpse of it)! Only after I made a resolution to be more mindful, practice a little discipline, and schedule time every day to paint, did something click. All of a sudden, it started coming together. The problem was that I was a control wizard. I needed to be able to try to control every aspect of my art, composition, and colors.  With watercolor, you have to learn to let go of that. Water keeps moving, and colors bleed organically into one another - it’s just something I had to accept and work with - not against.  Once I did, my art started to just flow together. It’s very calming, but also exciting because I can’t ever fully visualize what’s going to happen ahead of time. It’s living in the moment. It’s mindful practice. It’s me allowing myself to be myself in the moment without worrying what anyone else will think or say or do. It’s a meditation, and I’m absolutely in love with it.”