Yoga for Rainy Days

Have you ever noticed that you just feel like you have no energy when there is no sun in the sky, the clouds are grey, and rain is drizzling down from the sky? Who hasn’t!

Although the outside elements are dreary and cold, your spirit can still be warm and light with yoga.  By practicing strong, flowing yoga during these times, we bring about a heat in our body that invigorates the soul.

Start awakening the body by standing outside on the porch or by a window to see/hear/feel the strength and courage of a rain storm. Close your eyes and just listen.  Hear each raindrop as it splashes on the ground, making the puddle bigger and bigger with each drop.  Then, feel that power inside you. Once you cultivate that strength, go through a few of your favorite postures and hold onto the strength of the rain.

During these cold, wet days, we need to energize our bodies.  Instead of becoming overwhelmed and engulfed in all the other cold, dreary aspect of life, why don’t we bring out the warmth and happiness that is always inside us.  Whether or not we feel it, there is energizing life flowing through our veins at all times. During those times when we do not want to be lively and warm, it is then that we must dig deep and find that warmth to share with everyone.

Jeannine Clinton