"Heart Openers"

In yoga, the term “opening your heart” refers to a series of postures that lifts the chest, draws the shoulders back, and lets all the energy from your heart shine towards the sky.  Heart openers leave you feeling light and refreshed with a sense of grounding that brings about a humble feeling of giving and receiving love.

Now, you might be thinking that this means backbends, and twists in which only advanced yogis and contortionists can do...Although this may be true, it is also true that there are so many wonderful postures that lead you right into opening your heart without causing possible injury.  Here is one of the most basic, and beneficial, heart openers for you to try in honor of a month full of love:

Upward salute- Begin by standing in mountain pose with your body in complete alignment. Shoulders are back, tailbone is tucked, and the thighs and abdominals are engaged.  Maintaining that posture, slowly raise your arms above your head, trying not to shrug your shoulders.  Now, reach up through both arms and try to reach the sky.  When you are ready and feel in control, gently lean back, extending that energy behind you.  Only go as far as you are comfortable and without hurting your back.  It is really important to keep your muscles tight to not put too much pressure on your lower back.  On an inhalation come back to standing and finish in a forward fold.

Jeannine Clintonpostures