Updated Membership Pricing

We have updated our membership pricing to better reflect the quality of the teaching we provide and to help grow our small team. Learn more by watching the video below!

Packs and Credits

We wanted to offer new specialty classes that longer and shorter than our average classes. With these offerings, we wanted to allow you to use the class passes you have already purchased but without having to charge you more or less than what the actual value of the class is.

So what does this mean? We are renaming our class packs offerings:

  • Single class pass to 1 credit
  • 5 class pack to 5 credit pack
  • 10 class pack to 10 credit pack
  • Members have unlimited credits (unaffected by update)

Most classes will remain one credit. The first classes that this change will be applicable to is what we are calling “Specialty Class” and “Master Class”. Rather than creating a higher workshop price and creating a specific pass just for these classes you will be able to use your class credits, simplifying the process.


Whether a class is 3 credits of .5 credits, members will have unlimited access as they always have! If you are interested in our membership you can head to our class pricing page. Our membership pricing is increasing to $99/mo beginning October 1st.

Memberships created before October 1st will be grandfathered in at our $75/mo plan.