Yoga is an enriching and powerful practice to engage in. Our classes are not intimidating and anyone can take part in the experience. You might be young or old, shy or extroverted, we all come together to find common ground and grow from our practice. Everyone is welcome.

Getting started

To get start with yoga, you don't need anything (along with this, we strive to offer affordable classes so everyone can benefit). Essencia Yoga provides mats, props and blankets.

As with any new exercise or hobby, it's hard to know here to get started. If you haven't started practicing yoga, we have created a workshop to make sure you start practicing safely. It teaches you how to properly align your body in many of the basic postures which serves as a blueprint for the rest of the other postures. Experienced practitioners stand to benefit from this workshop as well.

If you purchase our intro offer (just $40 for up to 15 classes), the workshop is included with it, otherwise you can purchase it separately. If you have special circumstances, we offer private sessions as well.