Understanding the 300 hour program

Beyond the 100 hour difference of time investment and $1000 difference in financial commitment, is a rigor and reward that matches the increased demand placed upon you. This transformational process requires the whole person to engage. The pressure increases to allow space in time and in your world to facilitate a birthing forth of a stronger, more flexible and more balanced version of you. It is another layer of release that allows you to make way for others to not only share in the gift of yoga, but share in their teaching of yoga.

This road is not for the weak at heart, it will require perseverance when every obstacle is staring you in the face. Innovative techniques will be explored that will develop expansion within you and this heightened challenge will cause you to rise above or dig more deeply to come through this obstacle course and find what you are in search of. There are no booby traps set up for you, other than the realities of life that come and go while you engage in your training and the text will reveal your resilience and readiness to lead others that will lead other that might lead others. You will join the ranks of a long, long road and list of teachers, which is no small feat.

Program overview

Required reading

  • Training Manual provided with training.
  • Anatomy of Yoga by Leslie Kaminoff
  • Sivananda Companion to Yoga
  • Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens
  • The Heart of Yoga T.K.V. Desikachar
  • Light on Yoga and
  • Light on the Sutras by B.K.S. Iyengar
  • The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga by Ray Long
  • The Key Poses of Hatha Yoga by Ray Long
  • Ashtanga Yoga by David Swenson
  • Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith

Unique aspects

Our Yoga Alliance registered Continued Education, 200, 300 and 500 hour school offers you the tools to more deeply understand the various levels of yoga and the extensive benefits that reach into every part of human life.

Prepare to be stretched and challenged as you dive in deep to your own journey of finding your best possible alignment, while deepening your roots that you might grow in fullness of heart; peace. You won't be able to contain this without wanting to pass this on to others. We offer tools to enable you to take this safely to your family, friends, workplace and find the joy in seeing others benefit as you have.



Distance learning options

We have online resources to help you complete certain aspects of your teacher training online.


2 years of Regular Yoga Practice Applicants should be 25+ years of age Interview with the Program Director Completion of 200 hour yoga teacher training through an accredited school. Completed Application and Application letter Application Deposit Make an application deposit of 150.00 dollars to Essencia Yoga in the form of cash check, or online (let us know your preferred method).

All 300 hour applicants must demonstrate successful completion of an accredited 200 hour program.

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