Unique aspects of Essencia Yoga’s

training Program

Our 200 teacher training program is broken up into few main sections: Practice orientation, theory and the practicum.

Along with the flexibility offered in the scheduling of your training, there is an implicit structure that exists to serve all the trainees that requires the very real, tangible directions, assignments (ie Physical Body Asana) along with the less visible, more integral rhythms of learning, (ie Subtle Body Alignment) which manifest in various ways. This is why, there is freedom in this training to ebb and flow where it is you need to, in order to experience the trans formative power yoga has to offer.

We learn organically, through the practice, that most often the "on demand" button, is not available to us, and shazaaam: suddenly are able to perform a posture with perfect alignment, or teach someone else how to do that. However, we are able to step into the process of connecting to our greatest alignment, through awakening to the teacher within. We begin to feel and know the benefits and challenges, as we work through the obstacles in our practice. This moves us toward our center, where we experience balance, and find a voice to lead others toward greater harmony.

It is through the balancing of Abyassa (steady effort, daily discipline, fervor in practice) and Vairagya (surrendering expectation, non-attachment) that we grow.

- Ref The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (v1.12-1.16).

These opposing forces actually work together to bring us into balance. Our work is to make the commitment, show up, and be present for what that moment offers us. It involves trusting the process and remaining steady. Training Manual provided with training, Anatomy of Yoga by Leslie Kaminoff, Sivananda Companion to Yoga, Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens

Our Yoga Alliance registered Continued Education, 200, 300 and 500 hour school offers you the tools to more deeply understand the various levels of yoga and the extensive benefits that reach into every part of human life.

Prepare to be stretched and challenged as you dive in deep to your own journey of finding your best possible alignment, while deepening your roots that you might grow in fullness of heart; peace. You won't be able to contain this without wanting to pass this on to others. We offer tools to enable you to take this safely to your family, friends, workplace and find the joy in seeing others benefit as you have.

Flexible Schedule

Practice Teaching


-We offer different payment options depending on the length of the program. It is an all-inclusive program, however, you might appreciate purchasing your own copy of the required texts.

The first 2 sections of the program are online so you can learn at your own pace anywhere in the world and then complete your training onsite for the practicum section of the course.

  • 6 months of Regular Yoga Practice

  • Applicants should be 18+ years of age

  • Complete our application

  • In order to complete our programs you must attend all scheduled classes or pay for a make-up session

Key Components